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My Story

David Stephenson is the President of Polished Concrete Consultants, a consulting firm specializing in resolving concrete-related issues spanning the entire concrete industry spectrum. He is also the owner of Expert Concrete Training, an online platform designed to empower contractors, architects, general contractors, property owners, and maintenance professionals with comprehensive knowledge tailored to advance the Polished Concrete Industry. With over two decades of experience in the decorative concrete industry, David has established a notable reputation.

His extensive background, which includes roles as a prominent commercial contractor with American Concrete Concepts and as a manufacturer with AmeriPolish and Patriot Sprayer Systems, equips him with a unique foundation for both consulting and training within the industry.

David's expertise extends to the development of concrete placement, stained concrete, and polished concrete specifications for over 70 retailers. He has collaborated with leading global brands to troubleshoot problems and manage projects, preventing issues proactively. His specifications have been adopted, either partially or in their entirety, by industry associations and manufacturers worldwide. Moreover, David has been enlisted as a consultant by over 50 concrete industry manufacturers for product development, material testing, and technical support, as of 2020. Contractors routinely engage his services to provide technical assistance and litigation support when complications arise.

David has served as an Expert Witness for various concrete-related projects, including schools, churches, stadiums, military installations, and a diverse array of projects and situations. Whether he's acting as a program manager or assisting with a unique or intricate project, David's profound familiarity with a broad range of products and manufacturers proves invaluable.

Throughout his career, David has contributed articles to concrete industry publications across the globe. As one of the pioneers in the polished concrete industry and a driving force behind the "concrete dye evolution" that facilitated the transition of polished concrete from industrial-only floors to architectural applications, David has consistently been a respected advocate for advancing the industry.

His training initiatives have reached six of the seven continents, with Antarctica being the only exception due to its scarcity of concrete—a challenge he hopes to address in the near future. David has conducted training sessions not only across the United States but also in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, China, Australia, and many other countries.

As a board member of multiple American Concrete Institute committees, David's philosophy aligns with education, information sharing, training, and problem-solving as key pillars for uplifting and supporting concrete industry manufacturers, contractors, and property owners/managers. He believes that this philosophy fosters industry growth, enabling more companies to achieve success.




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