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President | Surface Gel Tek

Tamryn Doolan embarked on her concrete journey over 35 years ago alongside her husband, Dan Doolan. Together, they have significantly impacted the concrete industry with their innovative solutions and products. Among their most notable contributions are the patented gelled acids, HD24 Pre-Grind and Tek Gel for Profiling, which have revolutionized concrete surface preparation. Additionally, they developed Stain Mule, a color thickener product that has further cemented their reputation as pioneers in the field.

About four years into their venture, the Doolans discovered the world of decorative concrete. This led to the creation of vinyl adhesive templates known as Flattoos, allowing for the intricate tattooing of images onto flat concrete surfaces. Tamryn, a self-taught Adobe Illustrator expert, played a crucial role in this endeavor. Despite the initial slow progress, her perseverance and dedication have resulted in over three decades of successful and creative contributions to the decorative concrete industry.

Today, Tamryn Doolan continues to thrive in her work, drawing on years of experience and a deep-seated passion for her craft. Her journey is a testament to innovation, dedication, and the continuous pursuit of excellence in the concrete industry.

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