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Hats Off Gentlemen's Club



Every year

Exclusively for the Supportive Men in our Industry

Valid until canceled

FREE Webinars ($360 yearly value)

FREE WACP Hat ($24 value)

The Women's Association of Concrete Professionals is committed to mentoring, training, supporting, positively impacting, and empowering current and future women in the concrete industry.


Gentlemen, as Member of the Hats Off Gentlemen's Club, our ladies ‘tip their hats to you’, as your support helps us to enrich the concrete industry by bringing more educated women into our ranks. Our BIG goal is enriching the workforce with more young women in a sustainable way, and pave the way for them to thrive- PLUS you get all access to our world renowned webinars for FREE! 


Because of your support, we are educating our members with webinars, in-person learning opportunities, inviting each other to job sites to broaden our skills, and connecting in many other ways. 


This means you’ll have more talented women to add to your team one day- and we all know how hard it is to find a good, solid team!


In the field, in our day to day operations, we all are just ‘one of the guys’, and we are here too! You’ve shown us that the Concrete Industry is a great place for women to work and want to bring more in. 


(P.S. You get a free hat)

Bob Harris
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