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My Story

Rocky R. Geans was the president and owner of L.L. Geans Construction Co. in Mishawaka, Indiana until his retirement in 2017. His concrete contracting firm had been operating since 1959. L.L. Geans specialized in industrial and commercial concrete work including machine pits and bases, trench drains, floor replacement, and containment pits.

Rocky accumulated over 40 years of concrete and general contracting experience and had been president of L.L. Geans since 1986. The previous president was his father, the founder of the company. The company had humble roots as a residential concrete construction company and Rocky and his employees grew L.L. Geans into a multi-million dollar operation.

Despite the demands of a successful business, Rocky always found time to give back to the industry he loves, concrete. He is a long-time member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC). During Rocky’s time with ASCC, he was the leading force behind the creation and development of the ASCC Annual Conference, CEO Forums, and the Management Information eXchange Groups (MIX Groups).

MIX Groups were Rocky's brainchild. These groups are a peer-to-peer mentoring program. Members met every six months at one of their places of business to thoroughly examine every part of that business, including financial statements, estimating, bidding, marketing, production, etc.

Rocky also conducted one-on-one consulting sessions with concrete companies. He felt his knowledge and experience could save contractors a lot of time and money if they were shared properly.

Public speaking became an important part of Rocky’s life as well. He taught concrete contractors from all over the U.S. on how to organize their business to increase profits. Rocky was a regular speaker at the World of Concrete and other concrete industry events such as the ASCC Annual Conference, the Concrete Countertop Industry Conference, the Decorative Concrete Council, the Arizona Concrete Contractors Association, the Ohio Ready Mixed Concrete Association, and many others.

Rocky is an expert in the field of concrete and general contracting. He is an ACI Certified Flatwork Finisher Technician. His passion, however, is helping others. He loves to help contractors be more successful. He once said, “It's not how many contractors I can help that’s important, but that if I help even one, I am happy.”

The Rocky Geans Concrete Construction Business School was developed in partnership between Rocky Geans and the Concrete Network. Since it began in 2006, nearly 300 contractors have attended to learn how to organize their business and be more successful.

With the Concrete Network's encouragement, Rocky launched the "Rocky Geans Construction Business School," independent of the Concrete Network, and a speaking and consulting business.




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