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My Story

Rachel Knigge-Bruce is a highly accomplished individual serving as the owner and creative director of Floormaps, Inc., a distinguished company headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas. With a rich background in commercial art and advertising, Rachel embarked on her professional journey in the concrete industry, taking on the role of marketing director at Ameripolish from 2006 to 2009.

During her tenure at Ameripolish, Rachel's innovative spirit led her to discover a groundbreaking method of applying graphics onto concrete using vinyl stencil material. This revolutionary technique made use of Ameripolish's extensive range of vibrant dyes. Recognizing the immense potential of her invention, Rachel decided to acquire the stencil making equipment from Ameripolish before parting ways with the company in 2009. With a burning entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Floormaps that same year, initially operating the business from her garage.

Originally conceived as a solution for trade shows during her collaboration with Ameripolish, Rachel's stencil system quickly evolved into a comprehensive product line that has earned widespread acclaim in the concrete industry today. In recognition of her remarkable achievements and expanding popularity, Rachel joined forces with her sister, Kathren Knigge, to manage the growing workload. Currently, Floormaps employs a team of 14 dedicated professionals and operates from spacious warehouse facilities.

Despite facing challenging economic conditions at the time of its inception, Floormaps thrived under Rachel's leadership. Since its inaugural year, the company's revenue has doubled annually, a testament to its success. Floormaps has attracted an impressive array of prominent clients, including Target, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Marvel Comics, and more. Rachel's expertise even took her abroad to Australia, where she collaborated with Echuca Regional Health, a renowned hospital facility in the port town of Echuca-Moama, to create a stunning and intricate design for their front lobby.

Rachel's contributions have revitalized the ancient art of stenciling, making it a natural choice for decorative concrete applications. Pioneering the use of multi-layered stencils, she empowers artisans to produce breathtakingly beautiful and intricately detailed artwork on concrete surfaces.

Beyond her accomplishments in the industry, Rachel has garnered significant recognition for her work through features in numerous magazines and online articles. Committed to sharing her skills and artistic applications, she conducts workshops where she imparts her knowledge and inspires aspiring students.

Rachel Knigge-Bruce continues to be a driving force in the concrete industry, elevating standards of creativity that were previously overlooked. Her unwavering dedication to the growth of her business and her commitment to fostering creativity make her a true inspiration to many.




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