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My Story

Lee Ann Harris is the Managing Director/Co-Owner/Founder of the Decorative Concrete Institute. She spent four years at a leading Decorative Concrete Manufacturer in the position of Secretary to the Vice President of Sales and as many years as Secretary for the Training, Research & Development and Sample Department at L. M. Scofield Company.

During Lee Ann’s management of the Decorative Concrete Institute, she has had a huge impact in many of the lives of her students on a personal and professional level. Lee Ann has been instrumental in training tens of thousands of students around the world. Her passion for this industry has afforded her many lifelong relationships that she cherishes.

Shortly after the Decorative Concrete Institute was established in 2001, Lee Ann and her husband Bob Harris were fortunate to train and install globally in many different countries. With applications like Stamped Concrete, Microtopped Floors, Intricate Stained Designed patterns, Concrete Countertops, Walls, Stencils and Polished Concrete, Lee Ann and Bob Harris blazed a path through the decorative concrete industry worldwide.

Lee Ann led the DCI to a hub of distribution featuring decorative concrete products, in a multitude of different applications and provides many resources. She quickly developed a network of local contractors while at the same time continuing an International presence and shipping products all over the world.
As a result of her networking and efforts, Bob and Lee Ann were invited to teach courses and install projects in Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Mexico, as well as many islands in the Caribbean. During their world travels, many friendships were developed that still continue to this day. Bob and Lee Ann continue to travel the globe inspiring and instructing those with drive, passion and determination.

During this period, friendships were developed with Luca Seminati, Maurizio Pontello and John Anderson- of Idealwork- leading to a journey creating an innovative stamped concrete tool line unlike any of its kind.
The name of the tool line was derived from a famous Italian Architect named Andrea Palladio; the inspiration for a new line of stamping tools called “Paladiano, Wonders of the World” by Bob Harris”. As a collaborative, they traveled to a multitude of historical sites- Athens, Greece, The Island of Cyprus; Paris, France; Yorkshire, and England; collecting textures from authentic stones hand selected from these sites. They used these authentically and ethically sourced textures to create the most realistic patterns ever available in the concrete industry.

Lee Ann was also instrumental in the Bob Harris Guide Collection with over 75,000 books and DVD’s being sold Nationally and Internationally. She also helped produce numerous videos for Concrete Network and other trade affiliations posted to Social Media Sites with millions of Viewers.

Lee Ann’s newest venture is President and acting Board Member of the Women’s Association of Concrete Professionals. This collaboration of Industry Women provides mentoring, resources, training, support, and camaraderie to all aspects of women in the concrete industry. Building confidence and empowering future women of the industry is the focus as Lee Ann continues to live by their motto that has been her driving force for so many years: “Training, Love and Passion for the Concrete Industry.”

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