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My Story

Crystal Ploszay, CEO and Lead Artisan of Unmistakable Concrete Studios Inc., is making a living as a Concrete Coatings Specialist and Commercial Installation Artist with two thriving Concrete Surfacing Companies.

Featured in Inc. Online Entrepreneur Magazine and winner of the7th Business Acceleration Summit Pitch Tank, as well as the 2018 Industry Appreciation Architectural Recognition Award. She is the perfect example between tenacity and empowerment. She is not only the Vice President of the Womens Association of Concrete Professionals, but also a member of the International Decorative Artisans League, and a Member of the Shirwin Williams Advisory Board. In addition, Crystal is currently serving on the Board of Directors at her local Chamber of Commerce in Vero Beach, Florida.

Her companies have a ‘heart centered’ approach and stay active in their local communities, with a focus on empowering non-profit movements and environment preservation and awareness.

Starting at the age of 9, she was apprenticed to Captain Vining Sherman- a World Traveled Prestigious Artist and Navy Veteran. Over the course of the next 10 years she was intensively trained how to see and perceive reality differently than most people. This is a perspective that set her on a journey of working as an Artist in a practical and sustainable way in a world where such a career is not a clear, linear path. She’s now using her experience on her journey to spearhead a mission to empower other Artists to live the way they were meant to be and make a living with their innate skills in a sustainable and practical way.

As an expert in the Concrete coatings industry- Crystal works with over 200 different products, has installed millions worth of materials, and has been involved in over 500 unique installation projects across the nation over the last 15 years. Crystal teaches classes at various concrete distribution hubs in several states and can flex the artistic installation to whichever material she is using.
She consistently creates stunning, functional works of art and has gained international recognition, quickly rising as a thought leader in the concrete and surface coatings industry by redefining the possibilities of resurfacing materials and developing countless new techniques.

Crystal has worked in collaboration with Epoxy Candy to develop her own line of select colors that feature her world renowned Boardwalk Collection.

As a graduate of CEO Space International, Forbs #1 ‘must attend’ Business Conference in the world, Crystal is not only rocking the concrete industry, but is committed to changing the paradigm of the starving artist by uniting the Concrete Industry with the Arts world. When she’s not on site creating stunning original projects, she’s building bridges for artists to cross into the world of the sustainable, lucrative, fulfilling work of working in this specialty field.

Ms. Ploszay is frequently sought out by engineers, environmental contamination experts, architects and other installers to provide insight and advice on problem scenarios in the concrete coatings and construction world.

From Roller Derby to Advanced Diving to Traditional Archery, Crystal brings the Work Hard/Play Hard mentality to everything she does. She walks the talk as she brings all her experiences to the table in her unique delivery of ingenuity and skill, crafting state of the art surfacing materials into stunning, original pieces of functional art; providing a way for big personalities to express their fierce passions across the nation in a world ...where your space defines you.




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