Choose Your Membership Option Below

All plans come with access to free webinars, our membership directory, and great networking opportunities. See below for even more perks of each membership.

  • Student Membership

    Students in Higher Education, Vocational, and Apprenticeship
    Valid for one year
    • Discounted Rate for Students
    • Yearly Renewal
    • Not Transferable
    • No Voting Privileges
    • Access to Free Webinars
  • Active Membership

    For Women Actively Employed in the Industry 20+/hrs. Week
    Valid for one year
    • Must Be Actively Employed 20+ hrs./Week
    • Eligible to Vote
    • Can Hold an Officer's Position
    • Yearly Renewal
    • Not Transferable
    • Access to Free Webinars
  • Corporate Membership

    For Companies Wishing to Designate a Woman Employee
    Valid for one year
    • Transferable
    • Company Representation on WACP Website
    • Voting Rights
    • Ability to Hold Office
    • Designation of One Female Employee
    • Access to Free Webinars

Nominate a Woman For a Free Yearly Membership

Each November, we will choose two deserving women: one will win a Student Membership, and one an Active Membership. 

If you know someone who would like to become a member but can't at this time, fill out this form on their behalf. 

Good luck to all Nominees!

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